from photografer to model

In 1989, John Palatinus moved from behind the camera to
the front of it. That year, at the age of 60, he became the
centerfold in the first issue of "Daddy," a magazine
celebrating relationships of young men with older men or
father figures. It was created by Rogan Brown, a Pittsburgh,
Pa. man who also did the photography. Palatinus was
featured again in issue #3 in leather garb. In the magazine
he used the porn name "Johnny Buck". For a new magazine
with a small circulation, "Daddy" had a surprising impact.
Palatinus was recognized in such diverse cities as New York,
Denver, London and Cairo.

In 2004, at the age of 75, Palatinus did several shoots with
Greg Day, a well-regarded photographer of the male figure.
These shoots were done in and around Palm Springs, where
Palatinus had retired after having lived in New York for 45 years. Many of these images were shown in several European
publications. Two of these photographs by Greg Day are
shown in this display[link] case.